DIALOGUE Symposium March 2013

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DIALOGUE Symposium - Glasgow (Scotland), 22 March 2013

The DIALOGUE Symposium was a one-day event, during which the DIALOGUE network discussed with invited experts and local ULLL researchers, ULLL practitioners a nd learners the link between research and practice in (U)LLL.   

The symposium aimed at:

  • Developing an understanding of the importance of research-informed teaching and learning and the organisational structures needed to bring this about.
  • Examine the role which networks can play in knowledge exchange and promoting synergies between research and practice.
  • Learn from and share ideas and examples of good practices from different regions of Europe
  • Widen the debate beyond the DIALOGUE project about the links between research and practice
  • Make recommendations aimed at building bridges between research and practice in university lifelong learning



  • Welcome, by Dr Rob Mark  |  Presentation  |  Video
  • Keynote, by Prof Tatiana Čorejová, University of Žilina (Slovak Republic)
      |  Presentation  |  Video
  • Keynote, by Prof Karin Dollhausen, DIE - German Institute for Adult Education (Germany)
      |  Presentation  |  Video
  • Keynote, by Prof Yvonne Hillier, University of Brighton (England, UK)
      |  Presentation  |  Video
  • Keynote, by Ms Berni Brady, AONTAS - The Adult Education Association of Ireland
      |  Presentation  |  Video
  • 'Researching Learning in Later Life: the student perspective', by Ms Meg King, Dr Val Bissland and Ms Lesley Hart - University of Strathclyde (Scotland, UK)
      |  Presentation  |  Video

These and other videos are available here.